SM Compak Shipper

SM Compak Shippers

Protects against damage of fine pitched leads and against ESD damage.  This unique design suspends leads during shipping and handling and allows for removal without touching the component

  • One package protects many sizes
  • Eliminates lead damage
  • Corstat shipper provides static shielding
  • 1, 2, 4, and 10 packs available
NameDescriptionPrice EachCase PriceBuy
SM Compak Shipper - SM5060

Box Dimensions: 14-3/4 X 5-3/4 X 15/16″
QTY Per Case: 15

SM Compak Shipper - SM5045

Box Dimensions: 5-3/4 X 2-3/4 X 15/16″
QTY Per Case: 50

SM Compak Shipper - SM5025

Box Dimensions: 2-3/4 X 2-3/4 X 15/16″
QTY Per Case: 100

SM Compak Shipper - SM5055

Box Dimensions: 5-3/4 X 5-3/4 X 15/16″
QTY Per Case: 25


KleanStat Bubble mailers—superior FOD and ESD protection.

Conductive Fluted Plastic mailers— 40 sizes made to order with custom foam inserts for long term use.

Permanent black dissipative foam— sustainable, reusable. Pink foam is for short term use only.

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