Corstat Tote With Custom Cushioning Foam Insert

This unique design of creating a custom die cut foam insert helped to solve a handling issue for a board that had a large heat sync that was susceptible to getting damaged during transport.

The board slides along side of the partition and the heat sync sits securely on the foam. This was designed for one way use so pink foam could be used. The custom foam insert was designed to fit into a standard CCI Corstat Implant Handler with cover.

Foam Lined Corstat RSC With Partitions

This package was created to provide extra cushioning for circuit board shipping. A Corstat inside and Kraft outside RSC style box was used as this was for one way shipping.

The Corstat inside provided the FaraDay Cage required for shielding. A Corstat partitions set was sized to fit the circuit board’s dimensions. To provide for extra cushioning a foam pad is placed in the bottom and top of the tote. A foam pad also was used on all four sides. As this was used for one way shipping only pink foam was the material choice for economy of cost.

The Corstat RSC can be stored and shipped flat when not in use cutting down the footprint of the container when not in use.


Conductive Kitting Tray With Clear Stackable Cover

The custom trays shown below were designed for kitting inside an ESD protected area. The tray was designed with generic sized cavities to hold a variety of components.

The tray is grounded during the placement of the parts. The customer wanted to be able to see what’s inside so we made a cover out of cleanable, permanently dissipative plastic.

Stackable Clear Cover

The cover also features stacking corners so the trays can be stacked without sliding apart. The cover provides FOD protection during transport and storage.

DT Tray With Large FOD Cover

This custom tote was designed to handle a large heavy assembly. The long DT style tray is made with custom strap style handles for easier lifting. The tray is shallow so work can be performed on the unit while it sits inside. 

When the assembly is moved through the facility or is being stored it needed to be protected from FOD and static.

The deep cover drops into the inside of the tray. By placing the cover on the tray it completes the FaraDay Cage and keeps debris out. 

A permanently ESD safe Flex document holder is placed on the edge of the cover for paperwork.

Corstat Mailer With Custom Foam Insert

Featured below is a custom Corstat Mailer with a permanently dissipative foam insert assembly designed to cushion and protect delicate assemblies during storage and transport. CCI can water jet cut foam into any cavity configuration.

Custom foam insert

Each cavity is designed to hold the product in place and provide cushioning. A bottom and top foam pad complete the cushioning required and the FLM (front lock mailer) style box secures it all together.

The foam is static dissipative specifically chosen for intimate contact of the assemblies. The Corstat box provides the required FaraDay cage as these containers are used for internal transport, storage and shipping.


Corstacker & DT Trays

CCI’s Corstacker and Durastat trays can be custom sized to your application. They are a great way to organize product and clean up a manufacturing environment. The photo below shows how organized manufacturing can be by using the trays.

Product lays flat inside the trays. KleanStat Flex Bubble holds the product in place.

CCI can create a custom divider system that can be fixed or adjustable for different sku’s. Each tray acts as a cover for the tray below or you can use a drop in or lined bent cover to enclose each tray.

The corner stackers lock the trays in place. The benefit of implementing this style handling is that these trays can accommodate  any product and do not have to be dedicated to a specific line.

Standard sizes are available or design to fit within your system.

Side Loading Durastat Tote

This Durastat tote was designed to be side loaded instead of placing the product into the tote from the top. The design features large hinged handles for ease of use, corner stackers to secure the totes when stacked and a bent over snap on cover. The hinged side has a locking feature to hold the side in place when closed. This side loading design makes it easier for operators to load and unload the tote. 

Durastat Side Loading Tote

Custom Cases

CCI can create Conductive Cases using CFP (conductive Fluted plastic) or Corstat conductive corrugated. Hinged lids and locking features can be built into the design. We have many varieties of handles to choose from.

 Corstat conductive corrugated tote with hinged lid and a buckle feature to secure when closed

So instead of having to settle for an off the shelf solution that is too large or too small, design something that is just right for your product and manufacturing practices.

Durastat Style with hinged lids and Kleanstat Flex document holder

The product is protected from static as the material is conductive and completes the FaraDay Cage.

Corstat Longevity

How long can you expect a Corstat In-Plant Handler to last? That’s a question that is asked of us frequently.

The totes are rugged and meant to last a long, long time.


How long? The picture above is the box certification from a tote that was manufactured and purchased in December of 1995 and is still in use today. The ESD properties are permanent. In a closed loop system you can expect many, many years of physical protection. As long as you don’t “beat them up or run them over” you can count on CCI’s In-Plant handlers to be a long term solution. With the adjustability of the partitions they can be used for several products in production, storage or shipping.


Unique Kitting Tote

This unique tote was designed for kitting and handling of an assembly. The DuraStat style design features compartments on the top that are custom sized to fit each component that is required to build the complete assembly. A complete tote is released to manufacturing and a quick visual inspection assures that all the material is present to complete one build.


The DuraStat design style makes the tote extremely rugged and virtually indestructible. The stacking features make transport of several kits safe. The weight of the assembly required strong handles that could easily be grabbed. The bottom of the tote has a slot for the larger assembly components. All materials are ESD safe and by adding a cover the kitting tote can be safely transported outside of an ESD safe manufacturing area.

Once the tote is filled it is ready to go to the production floor.