Corstacker & DT Trays
CCI’s Corstacker and Durastat trays can be custom sized to your application. They are a great way to organize product and clean up a manufacturing
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Side Loading DuraStat Tote
This DuraStat Tote was designed to be side loaded instead of placing the product into the tote from the top.
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Custom Cases
CCI can create Conductive Cases using CFP (conductive Fluted plastic) or Corstat conductive corrugated.
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Solutions for Fragile LED Boards

LED boards are very fragile and extremely sensitive to physical and ESD damage. Careful handling is important to maintain the integrity of the product.  

Creative Use of Foam for Partitioning

Foam isn’t always used just for cushioning. We can create a “softer” partition wall when that is required. Here we have created a unique “kitting”

Foam Ribbing Shipper Option

This is an economical one-way shipper that provides great cushioning and a Faraday cage. The design utilizes pink foam ribbing strips to securely hold the