Custom ESD Safe Foam Trays
CCI creates custom foam trays for handling and shipping applications
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New Thermoforming Machine and Team Members Improve Lead Times and Production Capabilities
CCI continues to grow and so does our team and capabilities!
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Creative Solutions from CCI
CCI can create a unique "locking partition set" that keeps the product in place when removed
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Corstat Longevity

How long can you expect a Corstat In-Plant Handler to last? That’s a question that is asked of us frequently. The totes are rugged and

Unique Kitting Tote

This unique tote was designed for kitting and handling of an assembly. The DuraStat style design features compartments on the top that are custom sized

Oversized Totes

Material handling sometimes requires a tote size that is not readily available in the marketplace. CCI can make a DuraStat style tote in virtually any

Custom Rack Mounted Kitting Solution

This unique system was created to streamline the kitting process to make it more efficient, reduce time, reduce inventory and be universal to each department.

Corstat Correc-Pak Shippers

Sometimes the best choice is the easiest choice when looking for ESD packaging. Often times companies come to us looking to create a custom packaging

Color Coded DT Totes

Separating product by work station can be a cumbersome process. Color coding assists in process flow assuring the right product is delivered to the right

Custom Inserts For Existing Totes

Using custom inserts for existing totes lets you design your manufacturing process using a handling system that is custom created for your specific product. CCI

KleanStat Flex Covers For Assemblies

Our KleanStat Flex material has many uses in the industry. The Flex bubbles are great replacements for foam. KleanStat Flex is FOD free, inherently dissipative