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Foam Fabrication

ESD Safe Foam Materials and Designs

It is common for a CCI package design to use a variety of quality ESD materials in combination to fit your packaging needs. Our knowledge, capabilities and inventory of ESD safe foams give you to have the best chance to have the correct package that provides value.

CCI Foam Capabilities

  • Die cutting
  • Slitting
  • Convoluting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Laminating
  • Thermoforming

CCI ESD Safe Foam Types

Permanent Long Lasting Foams - Color: Black

  • Zote crosslink conductive polyethylene
  • Zote crosslink static dissipative polyethylene
  • Softshield conductive urethane cushioning foam
  • Softstat dissipative urethane
  • Durashield firm conductive urethane
  • Durastat firm dissipative urethane
  • Memoryshield conductive memory foam

Limited Life Antistatic Foams - Color: Pink

  • ASPE - antistatic polyethylene in varying densities
  • ASPU - antistatic urethane in varying densities

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Engineered Solutions & Design (not used)

Although our patented product, CORSTAT™ is the most popular static-shielding material on the market, we realize that it's not always the right solution. That's why we work with a wide variety of substrates when researching and engineering the perfect ESD solution for you. Click on the different substrates below to learn more about their unique advantages and see how they've been put to use in the past.

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