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Since the invention of Corstat conductive corrugated in 1978, Conductive Containers, Inc. (CCI) has been a leader in manufacturing high quality, static protective packaging of material handling products. CCI has the industry's largest selection of stock products. Our experienced design team can also help custom engineer products that exactly meet your needs for shipping and handling of ESD sensitive parts.

For more than 20 years, we've been the Electro Static Discharge Packaging experts. We've assembled an unrivaled team of designers and engineers that are committed to only using materials, products and applications that have gone through rigorous testing and meet our higher standards. That way we can assure you the best ESD solutions in the marketplace.

Our reputation is on the line each and every day. That's why providing the best service is just as important as delivering the best products. You're in the market for ESD packaging because you obviously care about the safety and integrity of your products. Customers choose CCI because we share your concern and work diligently to answer your questions, find the perfect solutions and exceed your expectations.

Don't be afraid to ask for a sample. That's why we're here, to get the job done right. We readily produce FREE samples of most designs for your inspection.

Our Stock Catalog offers instant solutions to common industry applications and requirements. In most cases, we've already solved a ESD problem like yours for someone else. If you see a product in our Stock Catalog, it can normally be shipped to you in 24-48 hours, in small or large quantities, with no tooling or set-up charges.

Didn't see an ESD package in our Stock Catalog that would work for you? Click Custom Solution to get the ball rolling on the perfect Electro Static Packaging solution.

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