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Conductive Injection Molded Boxes

CCI continues to raise the bar in the ESD industry with creative new designs and innovations. We proudly annouce the addition of new injection molded capabilities at CCI. We are currently providing our most popular Pillowstat boxes with the improved features below.

Improved Box Style

  • Stronger hinges and latches.
  • Tongue and groove closure.
  • Thicker, stronger walls.
  • Easy to Order - Ready to use
  • Available in small case lots.
  • Arrive completely assembled.
  • Available with or without foam.
CCI Stock # Size
L x W x D (O.D.)
product details
20202 X 2 X 1/4"
25252-9/16 X 2-9/16 X 1/2"
28202-7/8 x 2 x 1/2”
25353-1/2 X 2-9/16 X 1/2"
2535-753-1/2 x 2-9/16 x 3/4”
2535-1003-1/2 x 2-9/16 x 1”
35454-5/8 X 3-1/2 X 1/2"

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