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Pedestal Tacki Pak

Electronic components can be severely by electro-static discharge during the manufacturing and testing processes. The Pedestal Tacki Pak is a full "non-slip" product that keeps your component leads suspended and protected. They are perfect for sensitive, fragile, and expensive components.
Pedestal dimensions are available in the "details" section of each part number.
CCI Stock # Size
L x W x D (O.D.)
product details
PTP2525-2002-9/16 X 2-9/16 X 1/2
PTP2525-3752-9/16 X 2-9/16 X 1/2
PTP2525-5002-9/16 X 2-9/16 X 1/2
PTP2525-7502-9/16 X 2-9/16 X 1/2
PTP3545-7504-5/8 X 3-1/2 X 1/2

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