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The 5 Levels of Thermoformed Plastic

CCI has been involved in the thermoforming industry for years. We have created hundreds of custom, ESD Safe thermoformed solutions for customers big and small. During our years of experience, we realized a major issue - consumers did not have a way to identify the different thermoforming materials. CCI decided to create a simplified way to identify each ESD plastic material. It was then that the "5 Levels of ESD Plastic" were born. CCI has developed a way to distinguish which thermoformed material you need based on different factors such a shelf life, cleanability, ESD resistivity, and so on. Click the "Read More" section for a short breakdown of each "level" of plastic. Feel free to contact CCI for additional information!

** Level I : This is only used as a dust-preventative. It does not hold ESD properties, and does not provide physical protection. CCI does not stock this product, nor recommend it. For this reason, Level 1 is not considered one of "The 5 Levels of Plastic."

Level II : Level II ESD material is dissipative, and should only be used for short-term use / shipping. It is non-washable, and has a limited shelf life. However, this provides a very economical option for short term and shipping solutions.

Level III : Level III ESD material is dissipative, and boasts a long-term shelf life. It is water washable, and can have up to 1" depth of draw. This material type is very common at CCI.

Level IV : Level IV ESD material boasts all of the same properties s Level III. However, it is able to have a 3" depth of draw, making it more useable for large, tall components. 

Level V : Level V ESD material is an inherently dissipative material, that meets cleanroom and medical requirements. It can be cleaned with IPA or water, and has a long-term shelf life. 

Conductive : The last of "The 5 Levels of Plastic" is conductive material. Conductive material has permanent properties, and an unlimited shelf life. It has the deepest maximum depth of draw, and provides the strongest rigidity of the thermformed materials. 

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