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Design of the Week

Permanently Conductive Stackable Thermoformed Tray


Recently, our design team was challenged to create a tray that could hold two different boards and improve efficiencies in our customer's workspace. After deciding on a durable, permanently conductive material for thermoforming, our engineers created cavities that could accommodate both of the customer-supplied boards. Not only that, but the boards were held around their perimeter's, and did not touch the bottom or top of the trays. The cavities were designed specifically to hold each individual board in place, eliminating movement during handling processes. Finally, the design is stackable which made for an efficient use of workspace and storage for our customer. This is just one example of how CCI can create an ESD packaging solution that is made specifically for your needs.


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Package Features01R-6919-R2-Edited
  • Permanently conductive material

  • Stackable design - improving efficiency
  • Flexibility to hold two different boards

  • Designed to customer’s specifications




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