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Design of the Week

DuraStat Tote with Custom Ribs for LED Boards 


This week, our design team put together a Durastat tote with custom thermoformed ribs. Our customer was looking for storage and handling solutions for their LEDs that would fit into current storage facilities and be easy for their employees to load and unload. Our engineers developed this tote to sit vertically or horizontally for our customer, giving them options for storage and handling depending on the situation. The thermoformed ribbing holds each LED panel in place without touching any critical or fragile areas.  This design is topped off with conductive thermoformed handles and a line-bent cover to make transportation throughout the facility simple and safe. 

 01R-7104-R201R-7104-R2 1


Package Features
  • Custom ribs to hold LEDs in place
  • Durable DuraStat Tote with rugged design
  • Permanent ESD properties

  • Designed to sit vertically or horizontally

  • ESD safe handles with a line-bent cover




 01R-7104-R2 3 01R-7104-R2 2  

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