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Design of the Week

ESD Safe DuraStat Tote with Removable CFP Tray and Partition Set


Over the last week, our team engineered a DuraStat tote--with a twist! This DT tote was designed with two removable CFP tray and partition sets. This allows for our customer to remove one set of devices from the tote without disturbing the remaining devices in the tote. Our DuraStat tote design features corner stackers, aluminum rails, durable CFP material, and permanent ESD properties. The conductive fluted plastic lid adds a level of physical and ESD safety for in-plant storage or shipping. Each removable tray and partition set is made in CFP and is sonic welded for durability and long-term use. The tray and partition sets can be used at workstations to organize and protect devices during use in your plant - and returned to the tote at the end of the work process for a simple ESD safe storage or shipping experience. 





This is a complete ESD package.



Our customer can be sure that these devices are safe from ESD and physical damage in their shipping & handling environments.



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