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Introducing One of CCI's Newest Team Members

 CCI Adds Nate Schalmo to the Inside Sales Team


Meet CCI's newest team member, Nate Schalmo.

 Nate Schalmo grew up in Willmar, Minnesota graduating high school in 2010. Upon graduation, Nate attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where he studied biology. Nate has worked in a plethora of different environments ranging from a genetics cancer research lab to being co-founder of an organization to raise money for cancer research and awareness – Touring for a Cure (Website). Nate has a strong passion for people and building new relationships. 

When asked about what drew him to work at CCI, Nate says “The company feels like family. Whether it’s loaning a tool to work on a vehicle or helping in a time of need, CCI takes pride in their employees and making certain they succeed. I was further drawn to CCI by their drive to discover, engineer, and develop new materials and products to lead the pack in todays ESD safe environments. Knowing that the products we create will have an impact on devices ranging from home use to military applications is rewarding and challenging.” 

Outside of work, Nate is an avid cyclist. So much so, that when asked what his dream car would be – Nate responded with “anything on two wheels – preferably a Salsa Bucksaw Carbon X01.” Nate hopes to one day have the opportunity to take a “bikepacking” adventure through the “Tour Divide” with his close friends. The Tour Divide is a treacherous cycling tour that spans from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico – over 2,700 miles through the Continental Divide.

Along with cycling, Nate enjoys shredding the gnar (snowboarding), lifting weights, cooking, composing music, and spending time with friends and family.

Salsa Bucksaw

Pictured above is Nate's dream "car."


We are excited to have Nate on the Inside Sales Team at CCI!


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