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Flexible, User-Friendly LED Handling Solution


With the recent addition of the KleanStat line to CCI's product offering in 2016 our engineers have been hard at work brainstorming new ways to protect your electronics. A common problem we see with different LED manufacturer's is that their current packaging and handling solutions are too abrasive for their LEDs. Often times the small, fragile components can be clipped or sheared right off of the LED during handling processes. This presents two major issues. First, LEDs with clipped components are rendered useless or must be sent back for re-work. Second, in order to limit breaking components the machine operator's must slow down their process in order to more carefully place each LED. Both of these issues cost both time and money. 



We have the solution - enter KleanStat Flex ribs!




The KleanStat Flex material is flexible, soft, and permanently ESD safe. The material is cleanroom compatible, dissipative, and boasts little-to-no outgassing. Most importantly you will no longer have to deal with sheared components or slowing down your operators. We will customize both the tray/tote and the ribs to accommodate your LEDs and workstations. 





Package Features


- Kleanstat Flex ribs hold LEDs securely 

- Flex material is soft and forgiving, preventing sheared components 

- Inserts are fixed into a durable DuraStat tray with rugged design

- Permanent ESD properties - conductive DT tray and dissipative Flex inserts. 

- Designed to stack and save space


Contact our CCI Team to create your custom ESD Packaging Solution today!



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