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Design of the Week

Permanently ESD Safe Foam Insert Inside a Blow Molded Case


This week our design team was challenged to create a shipping and handling foam design that could fit into one of our stock blow molded case.  After choosing a blow molded case that would fit our customer's needs, our design team went to work on the foam design. They chose a permanently ESD safe conductive foam and designed the tray to fit 20 devices, per our customer's request. Our design team added finger relief to make placing and removing each device seamless. The blow molded case is extremely durable, and can take abuse during shipping and handling. This robust case combined with our permanent foam creates a very durable packaging design that will last for a very long time.  This is just one example of how CCI can create an ESD packaging solution that is made specifically for your needs.


Contact your CCI Sales Team to start designing your ESD packaging solution today!

Package Features23M-1012-R3
  • Permanently conductive foam

  • Extremely durable blow molded case
  • Finger notched for ease of removing devices

  • Designed to customer’s specifications

  • Used for safe shipping & handling throughout plant


  23M-1012-R3 Edited


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