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FIFO Reel Storage Bins

An ESD Safe First In, First Out Reel Storage Solution


With an increase in ESD safe reel storage needs, we have expanded our reel storage line with another useful product. This time we have created a FIFO (first in, first out) reel storage inventory management design. This design combines ESD safety with effective inventory management. The FIFO reel storage bins are line-bent and sonic-welded using hard plastic to create a very rigid design. The bins are strong, durable, and permanently conductive. We have 7” and 13” stock options that are available and ready to ship. Contact us to learn more!


 Package Features


- Line-bent & sonic-welded construction

- Oldest reels are always used first

- Thumb notch for easy access

- 7” and 13” versions

- Hard plastic makes for a rigid design

- Strong, durable, and permanently conductive 










See product details HERE 

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