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CCI Introduces Tim Langefels to Inside Sales Team


Meet CCI's newest Inside Sales Team member, Tim Langefels. 

Tim Langefels

Tim Langefels graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Marketing and International Business. Since graduation, Tim has gained valuable experience working in customer service, project management and marketing. Along with his experience, Tim is an effective communicator, well organized, and very dependable. Tim loves solving problems and finding solutions that others may have overlooked. 

We are excited to have Tim join with the CCI team! 



Corstat-Korrvu Combines Retention & Cushioning of Sensitive Devices

Conductive Containers, Inc. has designed a new custom option for consumers looking for a versatile cushioning and retaining product. Introducing Corstat-Korrvu. This design  provides the consumer with great static shielding protection with a static dissipative retention film design.  

Excellent custom option for shipping a “high-mix” of static sensitive devices



 Benefits of Corstat-Korrvu

- Available per order as a custom  product.

- A Shipping, handling, and storage  solution.

- Package contains no charge  generators.

- Eliminates the need for shielding  bags.

- Retains and cushions static sensitive  devices.

- Saves on labor - very simple to load  & unload.

- Package stores flat and saves space.

- Excellent for shipping a “high mix” of  devices.


Korr-Vu NBG2  Korr-Vu 3 NBG  Korr-Vu 4




This innovative design accommodates a variety of devices within a size range - making it very versatile for your needs. The Corstat-Korrvu contains no charge generators, making it suitable for both the shipping and handling needs of a high mix of static sensitive devices. 




 Is this how your valuable product should be packaged?

What is the true cost of this packaging?






Starting Point: Rockford, IL

Ending Point: Chicago, IL

Distance: 96.3 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,022 feet

Flat Tires: 0

Team Morale: High - We made it!

Physical Status: So happy to be in Chicago!

We have sucessfully made it!

The CCI Team made it safe and sound to Chicago! After 6 long days of sitting on our butts, we have arrived in the beautiful city of Chicago. We are very thankful for safety throughout the trip and a great team of riders around us to support and encourage us throughout the tour.

Day 6 5

Day 6 provided us with the most uncomfortable and downright scary riding of the whole tour. As we began to get closer to Chicago, traffic began to increase. The route that was planned for us ended up taking us down a road with a shoulder about foot wide, with traffic whipping past us at 60MPH. Due to our location, there wasn't any access to backroads or re-routes that we could take without adding 30+ miles to our ride (something you definitely don't want to do on a bicycle). The group hunkered down and toughed out the 5-6 miles down that road, palms sweating the whole way. We were very happy to get through that area unscathed. However, we did have multiple riders get flats along the way due to the small shoulder and no room to avoid debris. It certainly isn't a road we will ever be cycling down again in the near future.  

We were welcomed into Chicago with beautiful weather in the early evening around 6pm. We were able to ride down the Oak Street bike path for the last few miles of our ride, right along Lake Michigan. It was such a wonderful last few miles of the trip, really bringing the whole ride to a peaceful close. The group stopped along the Oak Street path to take some pictures at our final destination with Chicago in the background. We spent the evening celebrating reaching Chicago with good food, fellowship, and rest. 

Day 6 2

We are so thankful for all of our friends, family, and business partners who supported us along this journey. We are still waiting for official word, but together we were able to raise enough support to send over 272 thousand meals to suffering refugees along the Thailand and Burma border. That is something that we can all feel good about. It is a wonderful thing when you can take something you enjoy (in this case, cycling) and use it to rally people together to help those in need. 

 Day 6 4

We have more photos and video posted on our Facebook - check it out!



Starting Point: Madison, WI

Ending Point: Rockford, IL

Distance: 74 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,901 feet

Flat Tires: 2 (Zach)

Team Morale: High - Almost there!

Physical Status: Fatigued, but excited to reach Chicago tomorrow!

5 days down, 1 to go!

With the 5th day of the Midwest tour complete, we are starting to smell theend of the road that is Chicago. We had another absolutely perfect day for riding. There was no wind, warm sunshine, and beautiful clouds in the sky throughout the whole day. Due to all the beautiful weather, we are realizing that the tan lines created may never fade away. The day started with the team zipping down residential streets. We graduated to open country fields for the majority of the late morning and afternoon, and finished in a very busy Rockford, IL. It has been fun to see how much the scenery changes over the course of a day in the saddle.

Day 5 5

 Highlights for day 5 included the perfect country roads and stunning weather. We have been very fortunate to have only hit rain once, and almost always had the wind at our back (or non-existent). Today’s route took us down beautiful country roads with large shoulders, no traffic, and stunning scenery. We crossed our second state line into Illinois – making Chicago feel close. We also realized that we are less than 100 miles out from our final stop in Chicago. It is crazy that we have come all this way under our own power on a bicycle.

Day 5 3

One more day left! Who would have thought we would ride bikes to Chicago?  


We have more photos and video posted on our Facebook - check it out!



Starting Point: Oxford, WI

Ending Point: Madison, WI

Distance: 62 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,727 feet

Flat Tires: 0 (On a roll!)

Team Morale: Rock and Roll!

Physical Status: Thankful for a shorter day in the saddle.

4 days down, 2 to go!

The 4th Day of the Midwest Tour is complete, and all CCI riders are still standing! Yesterday, we thought it was pretty cold for July...little did we know it would get colder. Today, we were met with a balmy 46 degrees waiting for us when we left for theday’s ride. Luckily, there was almost no wind and perfectly blue, clear skies. The sun warmed things up quickly, and we had no problem staying warm and comfortable through the crisp morning hours.

Day 4 1

Today was considered a “rest” day. After back-to-back century rides, everyone was very sore and tired. Although we are not able to completely take a day to recover, we only had to pedal 62 miles to reach our destination. After riding 100 miles in the previous days, 62 felt quick and easy. We only made one rest stop, and arrived at our stopping point between 1 and 2 in the afternoon. We had a quick lunch out of the trailer, and everyone had a chance to shower and get changed into street clothes.

We were given free time to explore Madison via our bikes, visit bike shops, nap, get coffee, etc. We finished the evening with supper at a local pizza joint - a great way to end the day. 

Day 4 2


Tomorrow we get back behind the wheel for a longer day as we head into Illinois. We are excited to cross another state border sometime during the ride!

We have more photos and video posted on our Facebook - check it out!

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