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Improving WIP: DuraStat Tote with Custom Shadow Tray Insert


Recently our engineering team designed a packaging solution that would protect sensitive devices from ESD damage and improve our customer's work flow. This autmotive sub assembly customer had a dedicated Electrostatic Controlled Area (EPA) and wanted CCI to design a package that would function with their existing EPA. We designed a work in process (WIP) DuraStat Tote utlizing a die-cut dissipative ESD safe shadow tray insert to keep items organized. Our design resulted in higher throughput and less defects for our customer on the production line.  

Contact your CCI Sales Team to find out how we can improve your WIP!

Package Features
  • Improved work flow and process

  • Design to fit customer's existing system
  • Durable and stackable design

  • Permanent ESD properties

  • Designed to customer’s specifications




An ESD Safe First In, First Out Reel Storage Solution


With an increase in ESD safe reel storage needs, we have expanded our reel storage line with another useful product. This time we have created a FIFO (first in, first out) reel storage inventory management design. This design combines ESD safety with effective inventory management. The FIFO reel storage bins are line-bent and sonic-welded using hard plastic to create a very rigid design. The bins are strong, durable, and permanently conductive. We have 7” and 13” stock options that are available and ready to ship. Contact us to learn more!


 Package Features


- Line-bent & sonic-welded construction

- Oldest reels are always used first

- Thumb notch for easy access

- 7” and 13” versions

- Hard plastic makes for a rigid design

- Strong, durable, and permanently conductive 










See product details HERE 

ESD Safe Shadow Tray & Custom Corstat Mailer


Recently our engineering team designed a unique shadow tray solution. Our customer needed to organize and ship a series of small devices in a specific orientation within a package. Using our ESD safe foam, we designed a custom shadow tray to fit our customer’s specifications, and housed the shadow tray within a Corstat mailer. We laminated foam to the top of the mailer to ensure that the devices remained seated safely within the ESD foam throughout the transportation process. This mailer represents a completely ESD safe packaging design that combines physical protection and an organized presentation.

Package Features


  • Completely ESD safe design 

  • Organized & protected devices

  • Permanently conductive Corstat mailer

  • Cushioning foam on top & bottom

  • Designed to customer’s specifications





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Thursday, July 16th

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ESD Safe DuraStat Tote with Plastic Grid Tray Insert 


Recently our packaging engineering team designed a unique board handling solution. Using two of our stock products, they created a custom DuraStat tote with a Plastic Grid Tray insert. This design allows our end-user to handle multiple board sizes within one tote and provides an evironment for their devices that is as safe from physical damage as it is from ESD damage. 


Tote Features:

  • Durable Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) material

  • Aluminum rails 

  • Stackable

  • Permanently conductive

  • Hand hole liners




Tray Features:

  • Cleanroom safe material
  • Permanently dissipative
  • Removable and rigid
  • Holds multiple board sizesPlastic-Grid-TrayNBG
  • Ideal for small board and LED boards





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