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An Extremely Durable Package for High-Value Components


At CCI, we our proud of the fact that we can design ESD packaging from scratch and turn them into a real solutions for our customers. The excitment of the engineering and designing at CCI makes it easy to forget about our vast selection of standard ESD packaging solutions that have been developed and improved upon for years. We offer hundreds of standard products that make finding your ESD packaging solution easy. Standard products are available with shorter lead times, stock pricing, and bulk discounts. You can even order our standard products online! 

This week we are highlighting our Conductive Blow Molded Cases. Our Conductive Blow Molded Cases provide the best physical protection available in the ESD industry. These cases are built to withstand an immense amount of physical pressure. Our Conductive Blow Molded Cases have double wall construction for increased durability. The conductive material provides ESD protection for sensitive components. These Blow Molded Cases are the perfect ESD solution for your high-value components. We stock many different sizes, so there is no reason to risk your expensive components any longer. We offer the option to add custom interiors to your specific desires as well--thermoformed inserts and foam interiors are both quality options--both adding additional ESD and physical protection to the case. 

50015 with TF Inserts NBG



- Double wall construction for superior durability

- Conductive material for ESD protection

- Outstanding physical protection

- Custom thermoformed and foam interiors available

- Stocked and ready to ship



 Contact CCI Customer Service to learn more about our Conductive Blow Molded Cases or visit our website in the link below.

Blow Molded Cases


Corstat XD material reduces FOD and improves corrugated durability in ESD packaging

Shiny XD      Compak Box NBG      

                                          Corstat XD                                                                           Standard Corstat

Introducing CCI's New Corstat XD material. Corstat XD provides buried shielding and a cured outer layer furnished in an industry favorite "Corstat" corrugated material. The durable, cured UV outler layer (10E5)  gives a shiny, sealed finish to the Corstat XD while greatly reducing FOD. Corstat XD also provides a buried shielding layer gives it the best in ESD protection. This material creates a "middle ground" between our flagship Corstat and our CFP (Conductive Fluted Plastic) materials. Corstat XD is available by request. Please contact us with interest and we will coordinate getting you a sample to review. 

Product Highlights

- Durable UV cured outer layer - 10E5

- Buried shielding layer - 10E3

- Reduces FOD concerns with standard corrugated materials

- Material is available upon request


Please contact us with interest and we will coordinate getting you a sample to review.  


Visit Booth 2800 for the Latest and Greatest in ESD Packaging!

Noveon Larger Case NBG            Adjustable Tote NBG

Exactly two weeks from today, CCI will be exhibiting at The 2015 IPC Apex Expo! Since last year, we have added many new stock products, as well as expanded our manufacturing capabilities.  We are very excited to show off the new products and capabilities at the show! You will have a chance to see our brand new dissipative cleanroom cases, new injection molding designs, completely adjustable totes, and many other ESD safe packaging solutions. You will not want to miss out - we look forward to seeing you at the show!


IPC 2015


Stop by booth 2800 to see the best in the ESD packaging business!  

A Custom Variation of our Durastat Totes

This week's featured design is a custom product that was created just recently. Using the same basic design as our line of Durastat totes, we created a custom foam layout inside custom tote to hold specific boards in place during shipping and handling processes. We added nylon straps for ease of transport throughout the customer's plant. This design is made from our durable conductive fluted plastic, and features an aluminum rail, corner stackers, and a drop in cover with foam. This design provides tremendous physical protection along with being a completely ESD safe packaging solution. Remember, custom packaging is our specialty. If you see something you like but it doesn't fit your exact needs - tell us - we will customize it just for your specific application. 



See more at custom ESD packaging designs at


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