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Pillowstat Folders Provide ESD Protection During Component Shipping Procedures   

CCI's Pillowstat Folders are a simple design that take the confusion & potential damage out of shipping ESD sensitive components.

Our Pillowstat Folders provide ample physical protection with the ESD safe cushioning foam and add a shielding layer of rugged Corstat corrugated material. Simply place your component on the foam in the center quadrant of the folder, and fold in the sides, locking the tab back into the folder. You have now created a completely ESD safe package for your component to be shipped across the street or across the ocean.

Our Pillowstat folders are available for one-way shipping or returnable/reusable applications. Our permanently ESD safe options have black conductive foam that can be used long-term. Our one-way shipping option consists of static dissipative pink foam with a limited shelf life, depending on conditions. 



Corstat Pillowstat Features


- Perfect for ESD sensitive, fragile, and expensive components.


- ESD protection with no tooling costs


- Physical protection combined with versatile sizing


- Cost savings versus "gel-type" packaging


- Multiple stock sizes to fit a variety of components 


Corstat Pillowstat Stock Sizes and Pricing



If our stock Corstat Pillowstat sizes do not work for you, contact us. We will walk you through the design, estimating, and manufacturing processes to make a custom design to meet your needs. 


Permanently ESD Safe Foam Insert Inside a Blow Molded Case


This week our design team was challenged to create a shipping and handling foam design that could fit into one of our stock blow molded case.  After choosing a blow molded case that would fit our customer's needs, our design team went to work on the foam design. They chose a permanently ESD safe conductive foam and designed the tray to fit 20 devices, per our customer's request. Our design team added finger relief to make placing and removing each device seamless. The blow molded case is extremely durable, and can take abuse during shipping and handling. This robust case combined with our permanent foam creates a very durable packaging design that will last for a very long time.  This is just one example of how CCI can create an ESD packaging solution that is made specifically for your needs.


Contact your CCI Sales Team to start designing your ESD packaging solution today!

Package Features23M-1012-R3
  • Permanently conductive foam

  • Extremely durable blow molded case
  • Finger notched for ease of removing devices

  • Designed to customer’s specifications

  • Used for safe shipping & handling throughout plant


  23M-1012-R3 Edited



CCI Adds Evan Kangas to the Corrugated Design Engineering Team


Evan Kangas

Meet CCI's newest team member, Evan Kangas.

Evan Kangas grew up in Houghton, Michigan - graduating from high school in 2008. Upon graduation, Evan moved to South Dakota where he worked in many different fields and positions, including residential construction and protein manufacturing. After a few years in the workforce, Evan decided to continue his education and attended Dunwoody College of Technology for design and graphics technology. Graduating in 2015 summa cum laude, Evan was drawn to the packaging design portion of his education, and decided to pursue packaging design as a career.

When asked about joing the CCI team, Evan says "I am fortunate to be working with the great design team at CCI! I love the sense of humor here at CCI as I love a good laugh to boost my day. It makes for a fun work environment."

Outside of work, Evan enjoys many outdoor activities. Fishing, kayaking, hockey, snowboarding, volleyball and snowmobiling are just a few of the the hobbies Evan enjoys. Evan hopes to one day own a piece of land and build a house. "Nothing makes a home like watching your own property transform over the years. My Father owned some land that I was raised on and there is nothing like looking back on the process of how that land became a home."

We look forward to seeing more engineered packaging solutions from Evan and the corrugated design team move forward!

We are excited to have Evan on the CCI team! 

Protect Your Fragile Leads

A fully "non-slip" packaging solution that keeps your components leads suspended and protected. 

 Electronic components can be severely damaged by electro-static discharge during the manufacturing and testing processes. The Pedestal Tacki Pak is perfect for sensitive, fragile, and expensive components. 


Pedestal-2Pedestal Tacki Pak NBG

Pedestal Tacki Pak Features


- Leads are suspended and protected while the component is held on the tacki surface


- Component is held in place & does not move. 


- Provides ESD and physical protection


- Cost savings versus "gel-type" packaging


Pedestal Tacki Pak Stock Sizes and Pricing 



If our stock Pedestal Tacki Pak sizes do not work for you, contact us. We will walk you through the design, estimating, and manufacturing processes to make a custom design to meet your needs. 


Pedestal 4 pack NBGPedestal 15 Pack NBG

DuraStat Tote with Custom Ribs for LED Boards 


This week, our design team put together a Durastat tote with custom thermoformed ribs. Our customer was looking for storage and handling solutions for their LEDs that would fit into current storage facilities and be easy for their employees to load and unload. Our engineers developed this tote to sit vertically or horizontally for our customer, giving them options for storage and handling depending on the situation. The thermoformed ribbing holds each LED panel in place without touching any critical or fragile areas.  This design is topped off with conductive thermoformed handles and a line-bent cover to make transportation throughout the facility simple and safe. 

 01R-7104-R201R-7104-R2 1


Package Features
  • Custom ribs to hold LEDs in place
  • Durable DuraStat Tote with rugged design
  • Permanent ESD properties

  • Designed to sit vertically or horizontally

  • ESD safe handles with a line-bent cover




 01R-7104-R2 3 01R-7104-R2 2  

 Contact your CCI Sales Team to start designing your ESD packaging solution today!

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