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CCI's Safe Rack - Ideal for Memory & LED Boards


Amidst all of the awesome custom packaging designs we manufacture at our plant, it is easy to forget about our stock product line. We have thousands of stock, ESD safe products that are ready to ship to you right off of our shelves!

One of our hot products this year have been our board handling “Safe Rack.” The Safe Rack allows users to place multiple sizes and shapes of boards in one easy-to-use ESD safe product.  The Safe Rack makes softer contact with boards when compared to injection molded products, and is best suited for small to medium sized boards. The foam can be made in either permanently dissipative or permanently conductive. As always, this product can be customized to meet your needs - from adding handles to changing the size to fit your limitations. 



 Safe Rack Features 

- Safe Rack can hold irregularly shaped boards, even round or curved boards.

- No tooling is required.

- Permanent static dissipative surface.

- Cost savings versus injection molded racks.

- Ideal for memory boards and LED boards.


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Design of the Week- Limited Space, Reels, and Angled Partitions


There is no limit to what our engineers can create, seriously. Every week we see designs being manufactured in our facility that we have never seen before. Creativity and a drive to exceed customer expectations pushes us every single day.


The most recent example is the latest reel storage solution we cranked out. A customer approached us with a unique need for their reel storage and handling and we didn't hesitate to go to work in creating a solution for them. We were challenged to make a reel storage solution design that would fit on existing customer shelving and hold reels vertically. With limited space for the container, our engineers put their heads together and designed an angled partition set that would fit into a stock sized open bin. We added a hand hole to make it easy for our customer pull and replace/restock reels. 







Do you have an ESD packaging need - start a conversation with us. We are listening. 





Package Features


- Angled Corstat partition set to hold reel vertically

- Stock open bin size to keep costs low

- Permanently conductive - ESD safe

- Added a hand hole for easy access on custom shelving systems



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 CCI Adds David Reeb to the Inside Sales Team

David Picture for Website

Meet CCI's newest team member, David Reeb.

David Reeb is CCI's newest Inside Sales Team Member, bringing years of experience in both inside sales and management with him. David graduated from MSU-Mankato with a business degree and has spent time as an Inside Sales Representative and Fleet Manager at different companies across Minnesota. Recently, David pursued the opportunity to move to the Twin Cities metro and join the CCI team. 

When asked what drew him to work at CCI and in ESD industry, David said "I’m excited to dive in and learn all about the ESD industry which, to be honest, I didn’t even know existed. I enjoy the challenge of collectively coming up with creative and innovative solutions to customers’ problems.” He adds "CCI is a company that values and appreciates their people and they give employees the autonomy and resources to become successful in their endeavors - I am excited to be here!"

Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing sports including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. David likes watching (and quoting) quotable comedy movies like Tommy Boy and Zoolander. He often unwinds with rides on his classic motorcycle. 

David is a proud Father of two (Dawson - 3 years old and Lilia - 11 months) with his wife of 5 years, Jen. 


We are excited to have David on the Inside Sales Team at CCI!


Recently, we introduced the "KleanStat" line of ESD packaging products targeted towards medical grade and cleanroom applications. This line of KleanStat products features permanently dissipative ESD properties, IPA cleanable materials, a full stock line of part numbers, and the ability to custom design these products to your needs. One of the featured products from the KleanStat line is our KleanStat Injection Molded Cases. Check out the video below to get all the details!


You can check out CCI's other videos on our YouTube channel HERE

Flexible, User-Friendly LED Handling Solution


With the recent addition of the KleanStat line to CCI's product offering in 2016 our engineers have been hard at work brainstorming new ways to protect your electronics. A common problem we see with different LED manufacturer's is that their current packaging and handling solutions are too abrasive for their LEDs. Often times the small, fragile components can be clipped or sheared right off of the LED during handling processes. This presents two major issues. First, LEDs with clipped components are rendered useless or must be sent back for re-work. Second, in order to limit breaking components the machine operator's must slow down their process in order to more carefully place each LED. Both of these issues cost both time and money. 



We have the solution - enter KleanStat Flex ribs!




The KleanStat Flex material is flexible, soft, and permanently ESD safe. The material is cleanroom compatible, dissipative, and boasts little-to-no outgassing. Most importantly you will no longer have to deal with sheared components or slowing down your operators. We will customize both the tray/tote and the ribs to accommodate your LEDs and workstations. 





Package Features


- Kleanstat Flex ribs hold LEDs securely 

- Flex material is soft and forgiving, preventing sheared components 

- Inserts are fixed into a durable DuraStat tray with rugged design

- Permanent ESD properties - conductive DT tray and dissipative Flex inserts. 

- Designed to stack and save space


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