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Design of the Week

Extra Long DuraStat Tote

 This week's featured design is something that you do not see everyday - a DuraStat Tote that is taller than a person!


This tote uses our stock DuraStat design and alters the dimensions to create a custom application specific to our customer's needs. The customer needed a packaging design that had very little Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and would allow for safe transport and storage of wire assemblies. As you can imagine, these assemblies were very thin but very long. Our DuraStat design uses Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) material combined with aluminum rails bring rigidity to the design - even at these lengths. The corner stackers provide the opportunity to stack the totes for efficient storage and better organization of the assemblies. These thin, long assemblies will be protected permanently from ESD and kept safe from physical damage in our well-constructed totes.    



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