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Design of the Week

Improving WIP: DuraStat Tote with Custom Shadow Tray Insert


Recently our engineering team designed a packaging solution that would protect sensitive devices from ESD damage and improve our customer's work flow. This autmotive sub assembly customer had a dedicated Electrostatic Controlled Area (EPA) and wanted CCI to design a package that would function with their existing EPA. We designed a work in process (WIP) DuraStat Tote utlizing a die-cut dissipative ESD safe shadow tray insert to keep items organized. Our design resulted in higher throughput and less defects for our customer on the production line.  

Contact your CCI Sales Team to find out how we can improve your WIP!

Package Features
  • Improved work flow and process

  • Design to fit customer's existing system
  • Durable and stackable design

  • Permanent ESD properties

  • Designed to customer’s specifications




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