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Design of the Week

Custom Dual Layered Shadowboard

Shadowboards are not new to CCI - but every now and again a shadowboard design comes across that cannot be ignored. Exhibit A - the shadowboard design below. This shadowboard has two layers to it - creating two different depths to accomodate our customer's parts. The shadowboard is permanently ESD safe and protects the products from physical damage. This design is made to fit into our customer's desk drawers and improves organization and 5S througout their facitlity. The light blue dissipative plastic bottom pad makes it clear when an item is missing from the tray at the end of the work day.


Package Features

  • Permanently conductive, closed cell foam
  • Dual layered foam
  • Permanently dissipative plastic bottom
  • Improves organization and 5S within plant

Contact CCI to create your custom shadowboard today!

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