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Stock Product Highlight


CCI's Safe Rack - Ideal for Memory & LED Boards


Amidst all of the awesome custom packaging designs we manufacture at our plant, it is easy to forget about our stock product line. We have thousands of stock, ESD safe products that are ready to ship to you right off of our shelves!

One of our hot products this year have been our board handling “Safe Rack.” The Safe Rack allows users to place multiple sizes and shapes of boards in one easy-to-use ESD safe product.  The Safe Rack makes softer contact with boards when compared to injection molded products, and is best suited for small to medium sized boards. The foam can be made in either permanently dissipative or permanently conductive. As always, this product can be customized to meet your needs - from adding handles to changing the size to fit your limitations. 



 Safe Rack Features 

- Safe Rack can hold irregularly shaped boards, even round or curved boards.

- No tooling is required.

- Permanent static dissipative surface.

- Cost savings versus injection molded racks.

- Ideal for memory boards and LED boards.


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