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Standard Product Highlight: Pedestal Tacki Pak

Protect Your Fragile Leads

A fully "non-slip" packaging solution that keeps your components leads suspended and protected. 

 Electronic components can be severely damaged by electro-static discharge during the manufacturing and testing processes. The Pedestal Tacki Pak is perfect for sensitive, fragile, and expensive components. 


Pedestal-2Pedestal Tacki Pak NBG

Pedestal Tacki Pak Features


- Leads are suspended and protected while the component is held on the tacki surface


- Component is held in place & does not move. 


- Provides ESD and physical protection


- Cost savings versus "gel-type" packaging


Pedestal Tacki Pak Stock Sizes and Pricing 



If our stock Pedestal Tacki Pak sizes do not work for you, contact us. We will walk you through the design, estimating, and manufacturing processes to make a custom design to meet your needs. 


Pedestal 4 pack NBGPedestal 15 Pack NBG

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