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Standard Product Highlight: ESD Kitting Trays

A Durable In-Plant Handling and Storage Solution

At CCI, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture custom ESD packaging solutions. However, it is easy to forget about our vast selection of standard ESD packaging solutions that have been developed and improved upon for years. We offer hundreds of standard products that make finding your ESD packaging solution easy. Standard products are available with shorter lead times, stock pricing, and bulk discounts. You can even order our standard products online! 

Today, we are featuring our ESD safe Kitting Trays. Our Kitting Trays provide a versatile in-plant handling and storage solution for your static sensitive components. They are made with durable ESD safe plastic, and are nestable - saving you space. We vacuum form these trays from .090 mil conductive plastic, and can provide die-cut drop-in covers with our stock sizes. Not only that, but we have static dissipative and clean room options available. 



- Versatile in-plant handling & storage solutions

- Durable ESD safe plastic

- Nestable with covers available

- Dissipative and cleanroom versions available

- Stocked and ready to ship


Contact CCI Customer Service to learn more about our Kitting Trays!

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