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Standard Product Highlight: Bent Over Edge Reel Bins

Improved Design for Handling and Storing Reels

 Sometimes in the excitment of creating new innovative and exciting ESD packaging designs, we forget about our standard line of products. CCI currently offers hundreds of standard products that make finding ESD packaging easy. These standard products are available with shorterlead times, stock pricing, and bulk discounts. You can even order these standard products online! 

Today, we are featuring our Bent Over Reel bins. CCI’s Bent Over Reel bins are built using bent-over wall construction in Corstat or CFP (conductive fluted plastic) materials. This construction increases the strength and durability of the bin and partitions. We combine ESD safe storage of reels with adjustable partitions that can accomodate different sizes of reels. The new design allows the Corstat versions to ship flat - allowing for cost-savings when shipping the bins. 


- Double wall construction

- Increased strength and durability

- Corstat version ships flat

- Adjustable partitions

- ESD protection 




Contact CCI Customer Service to learn more about the Bent Over Reel Edge Bins!

You can download the product flyer on our website here: Bent Over Bins Flyer

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