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Standard Product Highlight: Corstat Pillowstat Folders

Pillowstat Folders Provide ESD Protection During Component Shipping Procedures   

CCI's Pillowstat Folders are a simple design that take the confusion & potential damage out of shipping ESD sensitive components.

Our Pillowstat Folders provide ample physical protection with the ESD safe cushioning foam and add a shielding layer of rugged Corstat corrugated material. Simply place your component on the foam in the center quadrant of the folder, and fold in the sides, locking the tab back into the folder. You have now created a completely ESD safe package for your component to be shipped across the street or across the ocean.

Our Pillowstat folders are available for one-way shipping or returnable/reusable applications. Our permanently ESD safe options have black conductive foam that can be used long-term. Our one-way shipping option consists of static dissipative pink foam with a limited shelf life, depending on conditions. 



Corstat Pillowstat Features


- Perfect for ESD sensitive, fragile, and expensive components.


- ESD protection with no tooling costs


- Physical protection combined with versatile sizing


- Cost savings versus "gel-type" packaging


- Multiple stock sizes to fit a variety of components 


Corstat Pillowstat Stock Sizes and Pricing



If our stock Corstat Pillowstat sizes do not work for you, contact us. We will walk you through the design, estimating, and manufacturing processes to make a custom design to meet your needs. 


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