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ESD Packaging Solutions for the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry

ESD Materials with Engineered Solutions for Your Needs


CCI has engineered countless custom ESD packaging solutions for microelectronics. CCI stocks ESD safe, cleanroom compatible material that can be used to create any number of custom packaging designs. Every packaging design is created with ESD sensitivity, fragility and FOD in mind. Our engineers bring years of experience to the table, and are ready to turn your packaging needs into an ESD safe packaging design. 


 Noveon-IM-Cases-NBG                             Injection-Molded-Insert-NBG 

 Permantly static dissipative cleanroom materials available.         Thermoformed inserts are designed & manufactured in-house.


Facts at a Glance

- Custom design engineering and production

- Designs made with fragility and FOD in mind

- Custom inserts available upon request 

- Ability to run small and large quantities

- Cleanroom material available 



Contact CCI with your Microelectronics packaging needs and let us design the perfect solution for you!

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