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Design of the Week

ESD Safe DuraStat Tote with Plastic Grid Tray Insert 


Recently our packaging engineering team designed a unique board handling solution. Using two of our stock products, they created a custom DuraStat tote with a Plastic Grid Tray insert. This design allows our end-user to handle multiple board sizes within one tote and provides an evironment for their devices that is as safe from physical damage as it is from ESD damage. 


Tote Features:

  • Durable Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) material

  • Aluminum rails 

  • Stackable

  • Permanently conductive

  • Hand hole liners




Tray Features:

  • Cleanroom safe material
  • Permanently dissipative
  • Removable and rigid
  • Holds multiple board sizesPlastic-Grid-TrayNBG
  • Ideal for small board and LED boards





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