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Design of the Week

CFP Mailer with Medical Grade Thermoformed Insert


This week, our team engineered a custom medical grade thermoformed insert to fit into one of our Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) mailers. Our customer had a very oddly shaped device that had three raised features that needed physical protection during shipping and handling procedures. We designed a thermoformed tray and cover with permanent ESD properties that would hold the device in place, but not touch any of the fragile areas of the device. This thermoformed tray is made out of our medical / cleanroom grade material and features permanent ESD properties. This material can be washed with IPA wipes. This tray was designed to fit inside of a permanently conductive fluted plastic mailer. We laminated foam to the top and bottom of the mailer to provide cushioning should the package be handled roughly. Our engineers focused on our customer’s needs to protect the critical features of this device, and created a sustainable solution that will hold up to the test of time.


This is an example of a complete ESD package. Our customer can be sure that these devices are safe form ESD and physical damage in shipping and handling environments moving forward. 


01N-6978-FLM-1 01N-6978-FLM-301N-6978-FLM-2


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