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Midwest Tour Day 6: Chicago!



Starting Point: Rockford, IL

Ending Point: Chicago, IL

Distance: 96.3 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,022 feet

Flat Tires: 0

Team Morale: High - We made it!

Physical Status: So happy to be in Chicago!

We have sucessfully made it!

The CCI Team made it safe and sound to Chicago! After 6 long days of sitting on our butts, we have arrived in the beautiful city of Chicago. We are very thankful for safety throughout the trip and a great team of riders around us to support and encourage us throughout the tour.

Day 6 5

Day 6 provided us with the most uncomfortable and downright scary riding of the whole tour. As we began to get closer to Chicago, traffic began to increase. The route that was planned for us ended up taking us down a road with a shoulder about foot wide, with traffic whipping past us at 60MPH. Due to our location, there wasn't any access to backroads or re-routes that we could take without adding 30+ miles to our ride (something you definitely don't want to do on a bicycle). The group hunkered down and toughed out the 5-6 miles down that road, palms sweating the whole way. We were very happy to get through that area unscathed. However, we did have multiple riders get flats along the way due to the small shoulder and no room to avoid debris. It certainly isn't a road we will ever be cycling down again in the near future.  

We were welcomed into Chicago with beautiful weather in the early evening around 6pm. We were able to ride down the Oak Street bike path for the last few miles of our ride, right along Lake Michigan. It was such a wonderful last few miles of the trip, really bringing the whole ride to a peaceful close. The group stopped along the Oak Street path to take some pictures at our final destination with Chicago in the background. We spent the evening celebrating reaching Chicago with good food, fellowship, and rest. 

Day 6 2

We are so thankful for all of our friends, family, and business partners who supported us along this journey. We are still waiting for official word, but together we were able to raise enough support to send over 272 thousand meals to suffering refugees along the Thailand and Burma border. That is something that we can all feel good about. It is a wonderful thing when you can take something you enjoy (in this case, cycling) and use it to rally people together to help those in need. 

 Day 6 4

We have more photos and video posted on our Facebook - check it out!

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