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Midwest Tour Day 5: Closing In



Starting Point: Madison, WI

Ending Point: Rockford, IL

Distance: 74 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,901 feet

Flat Tires: 2 (Zach)

Team Morale: High - Almost there!

Physical Status: Fatigued, but excited to reach Chicago tomorrow!

5 days down, 1 to go!

With the 5th day of the Midwest tour complete, we are starting to smell theend of the road that is Chicago. We had another absolutely perfect day for riding. There was no wind, warm sunshine, and beautiful clouds in the sky throughout the whole day. Due to all the beautiful weather, we are realizing that the tan lines created may never fade away. The day started with the team zipping down residential streets. We graduated to open country fields for the majority of the late morning and afternoon, and finished in a very busy Rockford, IL. It has been fun to see how much the scenery changes over the course of a day in the saddle.

Day 5 5

 Highlights for day 5 included the perfect country roads and stunning weather. We have been very fortunate to have only hit rain once, and almost always had the wind at our back (or non-existent). Today’s route took us down beautiful country roads with large shoulders, no traffic, and stunning scenery. We crossed our second state line into Illinois – making Chicago feel close. We also realized that we are less than 100 miles out from our final stop in Chicago. It is crazy that we have come all this way under our own power on a bicycle.

Day 5 3

One more day left! Who would have thought we would ride bikes to Chicago?  


We have more photos and video posted on our Facebook - check it out!

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