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Midwest Tour Day 1: Tailwinds & Flat Tires



Starting Point: Roseville, MN

Ending Point: Red Wing, MN

Distance: 64.8 Miles

Flat Tires: 1 (Brad)

Team Morale: High. Optimistic and Excited.

Physical Status: Feeling Fresh!

1 day down, 5 to go!

Day 1 is in the books, and the CCI Team is feeling great. We had perfect
weather, topped off with a strong push from a tailwind. We left from Rosville
around noon and arrived at our destination in Red Wing at 5:45. 
The ride started out a little slow. Not 20 miles down the road Brad hit
a miniscule piece of metal that punctured his tire. We spent the next while
learning (trial by fire) how to fix a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.
With the help of our team, we were back on the road shortly. 
Day 2 1
The rest of the afternoon went by without a hitch. We had a pit stop in Hastings to grab some food and rest the legs. Smooth roads and fresh legs made the late afternoon miles pass quickly from Hastings to Red Wing. A deliscious supper and fellowship topped off the night and we are prepared to take on a 100 mile day tomorrow!
Day 2

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