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Design of the Week

CCI's Custom Design of the Week

Durastat Tote with Custom Noveon Ribs

Each week, CCI creates innovative new ESD packaging designs for customers. We take pride in our packaging expertise, and we are passionate about creating a solution that will protect your sensitive electronics from physical and ESD damage.  This week, we created a variation of one of our standard products in order to accommodate the specific needs of our customer. Remember, we can use our standard products and tweak them to work for your application. If you see a design in our catalog that you like but the sizing or material isn't your preference, let us know and we can design it to fit your needs.

Below is a conductive fluted plastic (CFP) Durastat tote, with custom noveon ribs and thermoformed handles. This design was custom built to securely house the board while the tote is sitting horizontally or vertically. The corner stackers allow for stacking of multiple totes, while the aluminum rails and CFP material provide a very rigid and durable design. 

                      09N-2220-1-NBG                          09N-2220-NBG


Contact CCI and watch us bring your ESD Packaging Design to life! 

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