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Who Said You Can't Feed the Poor Sitting on Your Butt?

The 2014 Midwest Bicycle Tour

In just two weeks, Team CCI is partnering with Minnesota Non-Profit Venture Expeditions for the Midwest Bicycle Tour to raise money to feed refugees seeking aid in Thailand.

The ride will take us from Minneapolis to Chicago. That’s 485+ miles and six days of sitting on our butts – and we need your help to do it. Please consider making a generous donation in support of our ride. Every dollar raised will provide 10 nutritious meals to refugees.


The Team:

Brad Ahlm, Dawn Ahlm, Zach Burton

The Mission:
6 days - 488 Miles - 3 sore butts.

The Reason:
For every $1.00 raised, 10 starving
children receive a nutritious meal.

The Goal:
Raise $25,000.
Feed over 1,000 people for 2 months
CCI will match donations up to $5,000

Donate Now!
Follow these three easy steps:
1) Visit:
2) Choose “donate” on top bar
3) Enter your donation amount
and select a CCI team member
from the drop down list.

Note - You do not need to designate a project or partner for your donation. It will automatically be filtered to our trip. 

Our goal is to raise $25,000. In addition to our personal support CCI will
start it out with a $5000 matching fund. So each of your donated dollars
is doubled in value.

So get off your butt and make a donation. 

Behind Bikers Feeding Poor 

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