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Design of the Week

Design of the Week- Limited Space, Reels, and Angled Partitions


There is no limit to what our engineers can create, seriously. Every week we see designs being manufactured in our facility that we have never seen before. Creativity and a drive to exceed customer expectations pushes us every single day.


The most recent example is the latest reel storage solution we cranked out. A customer approached us with a unique need for their reel storage and handling and we didn't hesitate to go to work in creating a solution for them. We were challenged to make a reel storage solution design that would fit on existing customer shelving and hold reels vertically. With limited space for the container, our engineers put their heads together and designed an angled partition set that would fit into a stock sized open bin. We added a hand hole to make it easy for our customer pull and replace/restock reels. 







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Package Features


- Angled Corstat partition set to hold reel vertically

- Stock open bin size to keep costs low

- Permanently conductive - ESD safe

- Added a hand hole for easy access on custom shelving systems



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