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New Corstat-Korrvu - Combining Retention & Cushioning for Sensitive Devices

Conductive Containers, Inc. has designed a new custom option for consumers looking for a versatile cushioning and retaining product. Introducing Corstat-Korrvu. This design provides the consumer with great static shielding protection with a static dissipative retention film design. This innovative design accommodates a variety of devices within a size range - making it very versatile for your needs. The Corstat-Korrvu contains no charge generators, making it suitable for both the shipping and handling needs of a high mix of static sensitive devices.


 Is this how your valuable product should be packaged?
What is the true cost of this packaging?
  • A Shipping, handling, and storage solution.
  • Package contains no charge generators.
  • Eliminates the need for shielding bags.
  • Retains and cushions static sensitive devices.
  • Saves on labor - very simple to load & unload.
  • Package stores flat and saves space.

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