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Flexible, User-Friendly LED Handling Solution


With the recent addition of the KleanStat line to CCI's product offering in 2016 our engineers have been hard at work brainstorming new ways to protect your electronics. A common problem we see with different LED manufacturer's is that their current packaging and handling solutions are too abrasive for their LEDs. Often times the small, fragile components can be clipped or sheared right off of the LED during handling processes. This presents two major issues. First, LEDs with clipped components are rendered useless or must be sent back for re-work. Second, in order to limit breaking components the machine operator's must slow down their process in order to more carefully place each LED. Both of these issues cost both time and money. 



We have the solution - enter KleanStat Flex ribs!




The KleanStat Flex material is flexible, soft, and permanently ESD safe. The material is cleanroom compatible, dissipative, and boasts little-to-no outgassing. Most importantly you will no longer have to deal with sheared components or slowing down your operators. We will customize both the tray/tote and the ribs to accommodate your LEDs and workstations. 





Package Features


- Kleanstat Flex ribs hold LEDs securely 

- Flex material is soft and forgiving, preventing sheared components 

- Inserts are fixed into a durable DuraStat tray with rugged design

- Permanent ESD properties - conductive DT tray and dissipative Flex inserts. 

- Designed to stack and save space


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CCI will be closed on Friday, March 25 in recognition of Good Friday and Easter weekend. 

If you handle PCBs, chances are you have used our In-Plant Handlers to move and store product throughout your facility. Partitions sets are simple in theory, but can be very confusing to assemble. Our newest tutorial aims to help end the confusion and make partition assembly simple and pain free. Check it out below!


You can check out CCI's other videos on our YouTube channel HERE

Custom Dual Layered Shadowboard

Shadowboards are not new to CCI - but every now and again a shadowboard design comes across that cannot be ignored. Exhibit A - the shadowboard design below. This shadowboard has two layers to it - creating two different depths to accomodate our customer's parts. The shadowboard is permanently ESD safe and protects the products from physical damage. This design is made to fit into our customer's desk drawers and improves organization and 5S througout their facitlity. The light blue dissipative plastic bottom pad makes it clear when an item is missing from the tray at the end of the work day.


Package Features

  • Permanently conductive, closed cell foam
  • Dual layered foam
  • Permanently dissipative plastic bottom
  • Improves organization and 5S within plant

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Reports of 8 - 11 Inches of Snow Accumulation Last Night Lead CCI to Question Punxsutawney Phil! 



Early Spring this year...? Well, we can only hope.


Stay safe out on the roads and embrace the Minnesota Winter!





















Custom ESD Tote with Thermoformed Ribbed Insert

Recently, our design team put together a custom DuraStat tote and combined it with custom thermoformed ribs to hold our customer's PCBs. Our customer needed a storage and handling solutions for their PCBs that would save space in their facility and protect their PCBs during the handling processes. Using conductive thermoformed ribs, our design team fasted them into a customer-specific DuraStat tote. The ribs hold the boards in place during handling, and when the boards are stored our customer can stack the totes to save space in their facility. We used a permanently conductive, ESD safe foam as a bottom pad for added cushioning for the customer's boards. This unique design can be tailored to fit your needs - contact CCI to start your ESD safe packaging project!


Package Features

- Conductive Thermoformed ribs hold boards securely

- Efficient use of tote and storage space

- Conductive, ESD safe foam bottom pad for cushioning

- Durable DuraStat Tote with rugged design

 - Permanent ESD properties

- Designed stack to save space

- ESD safe handles with a snap on cover


 04R-4023-A-R1-6-Edited 04R-4023-A-R1-3-Edited


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We just posted our first YouTube video in quite some time - and this is just the beginning! CCI will be adding new videos on a regular basis and you don't want to miss them. CCI's videos will include product assembly tutorials, packaging highlights, latest innovations in ESD packaging, newest product features, and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to see our videos!

In our first video, we outlined the assembly process of our Turkey Lock Totes. These totes are generally shipped Knock-Down-Flat (KDF) to save on shipping costs and can be confusing to assemble. Check out this assemly video and get your Turkey Lock Totes put together and out on the shop floor!



 You can check out CCI's other videos on our YouTube channel HERE



Recently, CCI had the opportunity to make a donation in support of the Minnesota Elite Basketball group – located here in the Twin Cities Metro. Minnesota Elite is a basketball league that provides coaching, practices, and games for 4th grade to high school athletes. Minnesota Elite gives kids the chance to play a sport they love and be taught by great role models who love the game of basketball. Minnesota Elite is also proud to support the “No Bullying Movement.” The No Bullying Movement is an innovative educating platform designed to stop bullying in every school and community.” Minnesota Elite is active in teaching the kids about the negative effects of bullying, and bringing kids up in a positive atmosphere.


CCI’s donation will be used for two major things. First, it will help cover administrative costs that go into coordinating the league. Second, the donation will give the Minnesota Elite team the financial support they need to attend the national basketball tournament this year. In past seasons, the costs of travel were too much for the athletes to cover to attend the tournament – but not this year. CCI’s donation will help get the team to the national tournament to put their skills to the test!



Good luck this season, Minnesota Elite!




 Christmas Card 2015


CCI will be closed on December 24th and 25th for Christmas. 

DuraStat Tote with Stock Plastic Grid Insert

This week, our design team put together a custom Durastat tote and a stock plastic grid insert to hold PCBs. Our customer was looking for a storage and handling solutions for their large PCBs that would fit into current storage facilities and be efficient with their space. Our engineers used our inherently dissipative plastic grid material and laminated them into our DuraStat tote. Our plastic grid material holds the boards in place during in-plant handling, and the totes stack to save space in their facility.  The ESD safe, thermoformed handles add a level of simplicity to handling these totes throughout all plant processes. Finally, we use a line-bent snap-on cover to close off the tote and prevent any foreign object debris (FOD) to enter the package while it is in storage.  

Package Features
  • Plastic grid material holds PCBs in place
  • Durable DuraStat Tote with rugged design
  • Permanent ESD properties

  • Designed stack to save space

  • ESD safe handles with a snap on cover.






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