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ESD2 Capabilities


mfg-04Our design engineers will research your product needs thoroughly, including how the package will be handled, distributed and stored. Then we work with you to determine the correct solution for your application. We can often save you money over your current packaging method.


CCI has the capability to die cut corrugated, plastic, foam and other types of materials precisely for all of your custom requirements. This ensures your product will be exactly the size and style your application demands.


Our in-house mold making capabilities allow us to rapidly convert concepts to prototype, and prototype to production tooling. Our expert machinists afford you the precision required to produce top quality products.


mfg-01CCI's thermoforming capabilities are versatile and adaptable for efficiency in large or small production runs. The first unit off the production line is subject to stringent quality control standards and critical performance specification tests. We continue to monitor for proper structural, chemical, mechanical and/or electrical characteristics throughout the run.


CCI boasts in-house injection molding capabilities. We currently injection mold our "jewlery boxes" for our stock products. We also injection mold all of our hand hole liners, corner stackers, and other varios ESD sensitive parts that we use in production and assembly. CCI has the capability to custom design and manufacture injection molded trays and cases, depending the size of the application. We are proud to have low minimums and have all of our injection molding work done in-house, here in the USA. 


If your packaged product requires laminating, welding, riveting or another type of assembly, we can do it in-house at CCI. With our quality control measured for your package or container we can work with you to set up Just-in-Time deliveries to keep your inventory levels low.


CCI stocks and fabricates static dissipative and conductive foams to fit applications ranging from long term use to one time shippers. Foams can be die cut, water jet cut or routered.

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