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KleanStat Flex - Cleanroom & Medical Grade ESD Material

You told us what you needed to protect your high-value we have the material that can do it!

  • Permanent static dissipative plastic
  • Highly flexible with good cushioning properties
  • Almost impossible to puncture
  • Cleanroom compatible and safe to clean with IPA
  • Thermoformable for a custom fit
  • Non-skid surface
  • Chemically safe
  • Non-abrasive

Sheet Sizes: Stock sheet sizes coming soon.

40mil (.040") : Coming Soon

15mil (.015") : Coming Soon

KLEANSTAT FLEX – when handle with care isn't good enough.

FOD Free Cushioning Alternative

Tape and Reel Storage

Storing reels is a common concern for our customers. At CCI, we have created solutions using a wide array of ESD safe materials, developing ideal containers for our customer's specific needs. We use Corstat, conductive corrugated, conductive fluted plastic (CFP), ESD safe plastics, and foams in a wide variety of designs that have proven to be successful time and time again. Maximizing shelf space, ESD sensitivity, cleanliness and physical protection are important variables that we consider in designing the correct container.


CCI understands that your expensive parts need to be protected at the highest level. LED's are some of the most expensive components that CCI protects. These high stakes only drive CCI to make top-notch physical and static protection. Protectings LED's and other expensive components is what we do every day. When your high-cost LED's are at stake, you are in good hands at CCI.

Fiber Optics

Shipping and storing fiber optics has its own unique set of protective requirements. CCI is very familiar with the importance of getting fiber optics to their destination free of damage and crimping. We have made solutions using thermoformed plastic using both dissipative and conductive material and ESD safe foam. These options can be made to fit one of our many stock mailers, or we can make a custom box out of Corstat, conductive corrugated, or conductive fluted plastic (CFP).

Flex Circuitry

Packaging Flexible Circuit Boards is not an easy task. However, CCI has become a master of both packaging and protecting these intricate pieces. CCI's in-house design staff is more than capable of creating the ideal package to support each section of the board and eliminate unwanted movement. We accomplish this by creating a part specific piece of water-jet cut ESD safe foam or thermoformed ESD safe plastic.