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New Corstat-Korrvu - Combining Retention & Cushioning for Sensitive Devices

Conductive Containers, Inc. has designed a new custom option for consumers looking for a versatile cushioning and retaining product. Introducing Corstat-Korrvu. This design provides the consumer with great static shielding protection with a static dissipative retention film design. This innovative design accommodates a variety of devices within a size range - making it very versatile for your needs. The Corstat-Korrvu contains no charge generators, making it suitable for both the shipping and handling needs of a high mix of static sensitive devices.


 Is this how your valuable product should be packaged?
What is the true cost of this packaging?
  • A Shipping, handling, and storage solution.
  • Package contains no charge generators.
  • Eliminates the need for shielding bags.
  • Retains and cushions static sensitive devices.
  • Saves on labor - very simple to load & unload.
  • Package stores flat and saves space.

Custom-Fit U-Folders

One of the things that makes Conductive Containers Inc unique is our ability to create nearly any custom design you can dream up. Recently, we were given the task of making a custom U-Folder to fit into a customer's existing tote. The customer had made a large investment in the past on their existing totes, but now had a new size board that they needed a way to transplant in their facility. This customer came to CCI, hoping that we could present a solution for them. They came to the right place.
Lewis Tote with U-Folders-x
Instead of creating a whole new design with a tote and partitions, CCI was able to design new custom U-folders that would fit the customer's existing tote. These U-folders provide ESD protection, physical protection with the foam, and a convenient design for every day use. The design that CCI created saved the customer from additional spending on new totes, while providing them with a long-term, ESD safe solution for their new sized boards.
Lewis Tote with U-Folders 2-x
Conductive Containers, Inc can do this for you, too. No project is too big or too small. We will design any custom ESD packaging design your plant or facility needs. Give us a call or look further into our website - we will prove it to you! 763.537.2090

CCI Conductive Blow Molded Cases

CCI is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Flambeau blow molded conductive cases. For years these have been the finest cases in the industry for protecting circuit boards and ESD sensitive components. Now, CCI offers these as a stocked item and we have the capibility to add custom designed interiors to fit your specific needs. CCI's thermoformed static safe inserts or our proprietary permanent foams make these cases the perfect long term protection for valuable electronics.
Set-with-FoamNBGThese blow molded cases have the following features...
- Double Wall Construction
- Blow Molded Conductive
- Secure Closure
- Tough for Repeated Use
- Great Physical Protection
- ESD Safe
- CCI Custom Thermoformed
  or Permanent Interiors
If you are interested in learning more about CCI's Blow Molded Cases or how we can customize the perfect case for you, please send us an email through our website, or call 763.537.2090

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