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Conductive Fluted Plastic

Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) is a durable corrugated material extruded from carbon loaded polypropylene resin specially formulated for ESD protection. It’s construction allows for fabrication into a wide variety of designs that provide lightweight yet durable protection. The fluting provides a built in cushioning that is superior to injection molded totes and bins.

CFP has permanent conductive properties and can be exactly fitted to your application without expensive molds. Designs can be made from CCI’s 2MM, 3MM and 4MM CFP sheets. CCi has developed a number of unique designs from CFP including our Durastat tote line, customized kitting trays, heavy duty shipping cases, bins and handling fixtures.


  • die cutting
  • sonic welding
  • aluminum rails
  • wire frames
  • complete assemblies
  • silk screen printing
  • riveting
  • heat bending
  • stacking corners

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