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Static Protective Packaging and
Material Handling since 1978
  • IC Shippers

    • Static Shielding
    • No Bags Required
    • Physical Protection
    • Custom Thermoformed
    • Inserts Available

    Corstat™ Compak® Shippers are static shielding shippers for sensitive electronic components. Compak® Shippers eliminate the need for static shielding bags. Conductive crosslink foam on the bottom provides for insertion of leads to hold the component in place during transport. Antistatic cushioning foam is adhered to the top. CCI can custom fit the interior with a static protective thermoformed insert to exactly fit your component or component kit. Add ???M??? to the part numbers below to order mailer only shipped KD, with no foam.

  • Pillowpak

      PillowStat ESD, CCI's new concept in component packaging includes (2) 1/4" conductive foam 'pillow pads' inside a static shielding injection molded plastic box. This package is designed to safely package one or more ESd sensitive devices without custom tooling. The unique conductive foam tends to form around the encapsulated item. Ball grid arrays, wafers, and components with fine pitched leads are possible applications. Conductive plastic box ships assembled with foam inserted and an ESD safe label attached. This design competes very favorably with the 'sticky gel' products on price and has better ESD properties. The 'sticky gel' can be insulative. Our foam is conductive and will not generate a charge.

    • Perfect for ESD sensitive, fragile, and expensive components
    • Requires no tooling
    • ESD Safe
    • Great Physical Protection
    • Fits any size component
    • New ESD foam 'forms' around parts
    • Cost Savings vs. Gel type packaging
  • Corstat Foldpak

      Corstat A/S Foldpak provide static dissipative urethane foam cushioning with Corstat Static Shielding.
    Applications: Ball grid arrays, surface mount components.

    • Perfect for ESD sensitive, fragile, and expensive components
    • Requires no tooling
    • ESD Safe
    • Very Good Physical Protection
    • Fits any size component
    • Cost Savings vs. Gel type packaging
  • Jedec Shippers and Pads

    Usa a Corstat or Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP) pad to cover loaded Jedec Trays. Saves cost of using an empty tray.
  • Simms

    • Recyclable
    • Low Cost
    • Printed

    25 and 50 cell SIMMs shippers are made of Corstat static shielding material. Corstat chipboard partitions minimize space and cost. Top and bottom foam cushioning to minimize damage in shipment. Remove partitions to create larger cells. Ships assembled.

  • Corstat Reel Folder

    Corstat multi-depth folder for 7" or 13" reels. Add foam pads as an option.
  • Thermoformed Inserts

    Custom inserts that provide exact fit with proven durability. 

    Benefits of Injection Molded Plastic Inserts

    - Custom, cost-effective, and ESD safe

    - Exact fit and part counts for your application

    - Dissipative, permanently dissipative, or conductive materials available

    - Fitted in to any stock size injection molding box

    - Injection molded boxes are ESD safe, durable, and available in small case quanties.


    Contact CCI customer service to begin the design and quoting process.



  • Conductive Injection Molded Boxes

    CCI continues to raise the bar in the ESD industry with creative new designs and innovations. We proudly annouce the addition of new injection molded capabilities at CCI. We are currently providing our most popular Pillowstat boxes with the improved features below.

    Improved Box Style

    • Stronger hinges and latches.
    • Tongue and groove closure.
    • Thicker, stronger walls.
    • Easy to Order - Ready to use
    • Available in small case lots.
    • Arrive completely assembled.
    • Available with or without foam.

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