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CCI Conductive Blow Molded Cases

CCI is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Flambeau blow molded conductive cases. For years these have been the finest cases in the industry for protecting circuit boards and ESD sensitive components. Now, CCI offers these as a stocked item and we have the capibility to add custom designed interiors to fit your specific needs. CCI's thermoformed static safe inserts or our proprietary permanent foams make these cases the perfect long term protection for valuable electronics.
Set-with-FoamNBGThese blow molded cases have the following features...
- Double Wall Construction
- Blow Molded Conductive
- Secure Closure
- Tough for Repeated Use
- Great Physical Protection
- ESD Safe
- CCI Custom Thermoformed
  or Permanent Interiors
If you are interested in learning more about CCI's Blow Molded Cases or how we can customize the perfect case for you, please send us an email through our website, or call 763.537.2090

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