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Being the best at ESD safe packaging…

It’s always fun and rewarding to be the best at something. Back in 1978 our founder chose static control packaging when he invented Corstat – the very first conductive corrugated packaging. We led then and we are still the leader today. And quite frankly, we like being the leader. Through the years we’ve tackled and solved thousands of static issues and developed a lot of expertise in creating static control solutions for the problems our customers face moving circuit boards and components.

Back in the day…

We offered Corstat, Corstat and more Corstat to shield products from static. Sometimes we got creative and added foam for extra cushioning. Today Corstat is still the most trusted static shielding box and the foundation of many of our static control solutions, but we’ve also grown in our manufacturing capabilities and ESD package design creativity.

Today’s CCI is about design, vertical integration…and a whole lot of inventory

To remain the leader in static safe packaging and handling we’ve evolved into an organization that is able to manufacture and design the widest range of ESD solutions. That’s why today, CCI:

  • Thermoforms ESD safe plastics
  • Leads the industry in conductive fluted plastic with Durastat totes, custom printing and die cutting
  • Injection molds conductive boxes and parts,
  • Fabricates proprietary permanent ESD foams
  • Provides complete package assemblies
  • Offers in-house tooling and rapid prototyping.

And now, we introduce the exciting new Tacki Pak technology.

Our vertical integration puts us in the position to choose the most cost effective way to meet your needs. We take pride in providing unique solutions that match the way you want your system to work.

When you add our package design and manufacturing expertise with our raw material inventory and stock selection, you have CCI’s formula for success.

Our people…..

CCI EmployeeOur employees are what make CCI one of the great little companies of America. Walk around CCI and you will find most have 10-20 years of experience or more, solving problems similar to the ones you are facing. So, if you have a need in the area of ESD safe packaging - they have handled it. They are here today because they enjoy being part of the best static busting team around.

It starts with listening to you…

You understand your product and your flow. When you explain what you want to have happen, we put our design, manufacturing and ESD expertise to work. Around CCI the excitement is around making you a cool packages that protect critical components and save you money.

You may find the perfect solution in our stock catalog of nearly 1000 part numbers – or we can work together to design and develop a custom solution to precisely fit your product and handling situation. Either way, you always get what you need at CCI.

Connect with the ESD experts…

de-logo x100Don’t mess around with static. Don’t risk the safety of your product on a packaging guy that doesn’t get ESD. You need an expert. Take a look at the many solutions here at or get in touch with one of our CCI customer service people and they will get you started.


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